24 de janeiro de 2020

Checkers game is draughts

Download here at http://www.top-free-software.com/checkers-draughts

Play a checkers game also known as draughts against your computer on a checkered graphics board. Checkers / draughts game 4.0 is a powerful computerised version of the popular and classic game of international checkers. In this Checkers / draughts game you may play against a computer from a learner’s level up to a grand master’s level.
Checkers is a family of games with many countries having their own set of rules for the game. Checkers is also known as draughts (pronounced as drafts) in some places like the United Kingdom. Checkers draughts game 4.0 uses international rules and is played on 100 squares on a checkers board. Another variety of checkers games are played on 64 squares. The checkers are also known as men. The game of checkers ends when all men from one side of the board are completely captured, that is removed or unable to move anymore. Each game begins with 20 checkers on each side.

When you launch Checkers draughts game 4.0, a new game is automatically set for play. Choose a difficulty level that suits you from the Levels menu. The game starts from novice level 1 up to grand master level 9. Alternatively when the checkers game launches, you may setup up a custom game with any number of pieces you like. Play with good graphics, all colours are selectable, your own look and feel can be created. Checkers draughts game 4.0 also allows you to set the computer animation speed. There are competitive and training games allowed. Training games allow pausing, redo and undo of moves as you play, unlike a competitive game.

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