25 de fevereiro de 2020

    Beautiful Old Vintage Cars in Cuba, Havana


    Have you ever heard about the old vintage cars in Cuba? They are literally everywhere and they come in all kinds of different colors.

    Here, you can see some beautiful old vintage cars in pink color, a girly dream come true. You can rent these from 15-30 CUC per hour and also get a tour included where you go to the Castillo.

    You can also opt to drive around in town. These old vintage cars are cabriolets without roof, so you can cruise around and take a lot of photos at the same time. It’s the perfect thing to do in Havana.

    The Old Vintage Cars in Havana, Cuba are lined up around the big square in the old part of Havana. You can also find them right next to the book market.

    Have a look at these Old Vintage Cars and write in the comments below if you would like to go for a ride in these.

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